Full Set Of Dental Implants Helps Arizona Man Get Back To Normal

A Free 3D scan is often the first step to full mouth smile restoration.

ProSmile patient, Justin shares his experience with a full set of dental implants on both the top and bottom, describing how it transformed his world as he no longer had to deal with the limitations caused by missing teeth.

Regain the Ability to Enjoy Your Favorite Foods with Full Dental Implants

Studies have shown that patients with missing or severely damaged teeth often avoid certain foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and meats, due to the difficulty of chewing or the fear of pain. This can lead to poor nutrition and a lack of essential nutrients, which can contribute to a number of health problems.

In Arizona, United States, data from the Arizona Department of Health Services shows that over one-third of adults aged 35 to 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth due to dental decay or periodontal disease. This highlights the importance of addressing oral health issues and providing solutions such as dental implants to help patients regain the ability to eat a healthy and varied diet.

Like Justin, many patients in the Phoenix AZ metro area struggle with a restrictive diet due to poor dentition and loss of function, which can significantly impact their lifestyle, ultimately motivating them to seek full mouth dental implants to replace missing and failing teeth.

"ProSmile's Thorough Explanation of the Procedure Made Me Feel Comfortable"


Board Certified Oral Surgeon, Dr. Amog Velangi explains the benefits of All on 4 dental implants.

"I am a work acquaintance with a person who works here, and I've heard nothing but good things about them. They inspired me to look into it a little further and made me feel comfortable about it. I had all of my teeth removed and they did an all-on-four, which is a full set of dental implants top and bottom. They were very thorough in explaining the procedure in depth, not just telling me what I want to hear, but what I need to hear. This was very helpful, and throughout the whole procedure and follow-up, everyone was available to answer my questions, more so than previous experiences I've had. Previous experiences I've had were very dry. This has not been that way at all."

Have The Confidence To Eat Whatever Is On The Menu With Full Mouth Dental Implants

Dental Implant Results at ProSmile Dental Implant Center

Justin shows off his new smile restored with All on 4 Dental implants on upper & lower teeth.

"My life now is more normal than before. There are no restrictions on eating, and I can pretty much eat whatever I want, like bread, sandwiches, and bagels. My diet became more like it used to be, and it feels good to eat whatever is on the menu. I no longer have hot or cold discomfort because of my gums and previous dental work, so I don't have to worry about ice cream or hot coffee. This makes me feel more confident that I can do all the things that I was missing out on. I had gradually lost those things, so once I got the procedure done and everything was completed, it was like a whole different world for me because nothing was not available for me."

Wondering About Your Teeth Replacement Options?

“I Feel Like I 100 Percent Made The Right Choice And Came To The Right Place”

"Dr. Meta and Dr. Velangi have been very helpful whenever I have a question. I can get a hold of them and have that contact with them, and it was great. I could call him, Melissa, or any of the staff and they would answer any questions that I had. This makes me feel confident and good because it's not like they're just here to do the procedure and send me on my way. They actually care, and they were never too busy to help me out with any of my questions, concerns, comments, or anything else that I had."
Best Dental Implant Experience in Scottsdale

Scottsdale, AZ Oral Surgeon takes a celebratory photo with All on 4 dental implant patient

"I feel that I did make the right decision to get the procedure done, and now that it's done I feel like I 100 percent made the right choice and came to the right place. The atmosphere, care given, and treatment makes me feel confident and good about my decision"

Full mouth dental implant solutions can restore function and confidence to patients struggling with missing or failing teeth. The experienced team at ProSmile Dental Implant Center in Scottsdale, AZ is here to help get your normal back with a full mouth smile restoration. Start your transformation today with a free dental implant consultation. 

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